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Fortnite X Marvel Comic Cover Variants

Fortnite X Marvel Comic Cover Variants

by Dylan Clifton / March 31, 2021

Even though focuses mostly on the Panini Fortnite Trading Cards, we thought it was important to highlight the recent Fortnite Comic Collectibles. If you have been playing Fortnite over the last few seasons you would know that Fortnite has done some in game collaborations with both Marvel and DC. Well They went a step further and created Fortnite comic cover variations for both. DC has yet to be released so we will focus on the Marvel comic covers in this article.

I am new to comic book collectible but will do my best to pass along the research I have done for the Fortnite Community.

Most of the content in this article comes from a true comic collector.

Learn more from the expert akaBoG on his website.

Fortnite Marvel Comic Covers

What is a cover Variant?

In the comic book industry, there are several different types of cover variants that vary in exclusivity. Overall though, Variant covers are usually limited edition short prints of a particular cover. This makes them highly collectible!

The 13 Fortnite Comic Cover Variations

  1. Avengers #36 by Sara Pichelli (September 30)
  2. Fantastic Four #24 by Giuseppe Camuncoli (September 30)
  3. Savage Avengers #12 by Valerio Giangiordano(September 30)
  4. Marauders #13 by Russell Dauterman (October 7)
  5. X-Force #13 by Dustin Weaver (October 7)
  6. Avengers #37 by Mark Brooks (October 14)
  7. Captain America #24 by Ed Mcguinness (October 14)
  8. Captain Marvel #22 by Jorge Molina (October 14)
  9. Venom #29 by Aaron Kuder (October 21)
  10. Guardians Of The Galaxy #7 by Javier Garron (October 21)
  11. Iron Man #2 by Marco Checchetto (October 21)
  12. X-Men #13 by Joe Quesada (October 21)
  13. Thor #9 by Salvador Larroca (November 4)

The Incentive Variant Cover

There was an extra limited cover variant that was made available to comic shops that ordered a minimum of 25 of the original variant. This is called an incentive variant and has a much shorter print. The cover is a Black and White “Sketch version” of the Captain America cover with a different title of “Black Widow”. 

Incentive Variants can be very collectible due to the short print and the steps needed to take for a shop to acquire them. 

Black Widow #1 by Ed Mcguinness Surprise Sketch Variant
Black Widow #1 by Ed Mcguinness Surprise Sketch Variant

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