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What are Fortnite Prototype Cards

Panini Fortnite Sereis 1 Prototype CArds

Panini Fortnite Prototypes (Unreleased Cards) are extremely rare cards that were not supposed to be released to the public. Most of the skins with prototype cards only have 5-10 copies known to exist. Some are as few as 1 or 2. Holos and Promo Shard Cards have also been discovered. Most of the prototypes look exactly like released version except the logo on the bottom is transparent and not black. Prototypes have been found in both USA version and Italy versions. 

SGC was the first to authenticate the prototypes but stopped authenticating them after the Italy Prototypes surfaced. CGC is the company that is currently grading prototypes.


Fortnite Prototype Variants

There are several variants of prototype cards and each carry a different value. Listed below from least rare to most rare.

  • Released Prototype: Card looks just like released version besides the logo.
  • Variant Prototype:  Card design is somewhat different than the released version. 
  • Unreleased Prototype: Card was never released making the skin used on the card extremely rare.



Renegade Raider prototype
Rare Renegade Raider Art
Prototype Identifier (Transparent Letters in logo)
Released Official Version
UnReleased Prototype Design Change

Fortnite Prototypes That have surfaced