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Guide For Beginners

Explain Fortnite Cards

Fortnite Cards are similar to Sports Cards in that it is not a TCG and there are no game mechanics. They are purely collectible cards with rare/scarce parallels of specific skins from the game. Each skin has a base card, holo, crystal shard, and other parallels.
Fortnite Trading Card Products:
  1. Panini Fortnite
    • Series 1 (USA, Italy, Brazil)
    • Reloaded (Italy)
    • Series 2 (USA, Italy)
    • Series 3 (USA, Italy)
    • Stickers
      • Ready to Jump
      • Black Border
      • Gold Border
  2. Magic The Gathering Secret Lair
  3. Corro Corro Stickers
  4. DKV Peru Comic Cards
  5. TOPPS Fortnite (Expected Release)

Base Card

Crystal Shard

How To Pull Good Cards


  • Base, Holo, and Optichrome cards are not exclusive to a specific pack or box type, however Optichromes were not in Series 1. 
  • Lasers are exclusive to Blasters in Series 3 (1 per box)
  • Crystal Shards/Cracked Ice are exclusive to Mega Boxes (2 per box)
  • Check the next sections for unique pull rates per Country Origin
*Note Crystal Shards is the term used for the Cracked Ice cards in Series 1. Panini changed the shard slightly and renamed it Cracked Ice for Series 2 and 3. 

S3 Blaster (Exclusive Laser)

S1 Mega (Exclusive Crystal Shard)

Panini Fortnite Series 1 Mega Box Crystal Shard

Explain The Different Print Origins

There are three Print Origins:

  1. USA (Most Sought After & Usually Most Expensive)
    • THG believes USA has the shortest print runs based on market and PSA pop report statistics
    • Megas have either a Legendary/Uncommon Shard or a Epic/Rare Shard.
  2. Italy 
    • S1 Shards came in boxes and Metal tins (Metal Tins are searchable and note fully sealed)
    • S1 Blasters had an extra holo Epic card instead of an extra epic base card. Making Epic holo Italy Cards have an increased print run.
    • S2 Megas came with four cracked ice cards and not 2
  3. Brazil 
    • Only aware of Series 1 Cards in Brazil Print
    • Crystal Shards came in starter packs including 10 holos and two shards. The shards were not paired the same.  *I believe both shards in the pack are always the same rarity. Either 2 Legendries, 2 Epics, 2 Rare, or 2 Uncommon. 
    • Many people believe Brazil has the lowest print run. I (Dylan) do not.

S1 Mega USA (Panini Logo on Clear Film)

Panini Fortnite Series 1 Mega Box Crystal Shard

S1 Mega ITALY (No logo on Clear Film)

Panini Fortnite Series 1 Italy Mega

S1 Mega Pack Brazil (A Starter Pack not a mega box)

What are Prototypes/Unreleased Cards

Panini printed the first test run of cards with a transparent logo and a slightly different checklist. All unreleased cards have a white logo with transparent letters. There are USA and Italy prototypes, but Brazil prototypes have not yet been discovered.

  • Some Prototypes were never included in the final release 
  • Some had slight changes to the card design
  • Some only have the transparent logo and no other differences
  • CGC and SGC grade Unreleased/Prototype Cards but PSA does not. PSA has confirmed that Panini Made them but still won’t grade them yet

Unreleased Skin Not Included in Final Set

Altered Design (The released card is actually missing the whistle. The rare version has the whistle.)

Just the Transparent Logo

Does the card Rarity Logo Matter

All cards are either Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary. This is NOT a direct reflection of the pull rate except for the BASE cards. A Legendary holo does not seem to be harder to pull than a rare holo and the same goes for Shards and Cracked Ice.

Even though the pull rates are fairly similar, different country prints have some strange differences affecting the print runs of certain holos. Italy Blasters had a guaranteed epic holo in the blasters where the USA blasters had a guaranteed epic base card. 

The rarity descriptions were pulled straight from Fortnite’s Item shop for each skin. They were not created to represent how hard the card is to pull like in TCGs. 

*Note this information is based on current statistics and no information has been confirmed by Panini. Crystal shard print runs per skin are less obvious for Series 2 and Series 3 since the number of skins in each category are not equal.

This is a Legendary Card based on the Yellow Logo but only the base card has a smaller pull rate. Holos and other parallels have similar pull rates regardless of the rarity identifier.