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Rare & Fringe Fortnite Collectibles

Panini Fortnite Sereis 1 Prototype CArds

Panini Fortnite Prototypes are the rare cards that were not supposed to be released to the public. Many of these cards are expected to be one of one with some of them have multiple copies (less than 10 of each). You can quickly identify a prototype card from the logo in the bottom of the card. If the text inside the logo is transparent then it is a prototype. Some of the prototypes were removed from series 1 all together, some made it into the set as is, and some made it into the set with small to large changes to skin design. SGC was the first company to grade prototypes but after the italy prototypes surfaced they stopped. CGC is now the only grading company at time of writing that is grading/authenticated prototypes. 

Renegade Raider prototype
Rare Renegade Raider Art
Prototype Identifier (Transparent Letters in logo)
Released Official Version
UnReleased Prototype Design Change

CoroCoro Stickers

The Fortnite CoroCoro Promo Stickers were stickers that came in a Japanese monthly issue in Japan. This comic/magazine issue often produced Pokemon Promo cards and a few issues/runs contained Fortnite Stickers and collectibles. 

Peely CoroCorro
Peely CoroCorro Sticker
Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Sticker

Fortnite World Cup Commemorative Ticket

This ticket was given to all of the attendees to the First and only Fortnite World Cup event where Bugha won $3,000,000 for first place. The below ticket is signed by Bugha himself.

Fortnite Sealed Game

The Fortnite sealed games where quickly switched to online download only leaving far fewer printed copies available. 

Xbox Fortnite Sealed Game WATA

Panini Fortnite Stickers

Panini Fortnite Ready To Jump Stickers
Fortnite Stickers
Panini Fortnite Black Frame Stickers
Panini Fortnite Gold Frame Stickers

Fortnite Employee Gifts

Epic Games gives their employees gifts for events and new seasons that release. One of the most popular of these gifts that have become collectible are the Employee Season Pins. 

DKV Peru DC Comic Cards Featuring Zeropoint Covers/Pages

A collectibles company in Peru released licensed DC comic cards that featured the covers and pages of some of the Fortnite Comic Issues from ZeroPoint. There were 8 fortnite cards released as special cracked ice cards that were special pulls. 

Fortnite Zeropoint Cover 1
Fortnite Zeropoint Holo Card
Renegade Raider First Appearance Fortnite Zeropoint
Fortnite Comics Batman