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Extremely Rare Crystal Shards

by Dylan Clifton / March 14, 2021
Panini has been fairly transparent by posting pull rates right on the front of each Fortnite Pack. Everyone has their own Idea for whether or not specific cards are harder to pull within a given rarity class. I am here to share a little secret that I (and a few others) have noticed regarding the Crystal Shards in Panini Fortnite Series 2.
Everyone is chasing the Legendaries and Epics cards in all forms (Holo, Optichrome, and especially Crystal Shards). What if I told you the rarest and most hard to pull cards are none of those? That’s right. The rarest cards of the Series 2 release are actually the Uncommon Shards.
If you take a second to give it some thought, it is painfully obvious but let’s break it down anyway!
Number of cards per rarity:
  • There are 50 uncommon Crystal Shard Cards
  • There are 110 Rare Crystal Shard Cards 
  • There are 110 Epic Crystal Shard Cards
  • There are 30 Legendary Crystal Shard Cards
Other Details
  • Uncommon cards are paired with Legendaries 
  • Rare Cards are paired with Epic
We can assume that epics and rare cards both have the same number of shards since they are always paired together and have the same number of cards in each rarity level.
Well Legendaries have few cards than Uncommon but the only way to get an Uncommon Crystal Shard is with a Legendary.  This means that there ARE less Uncommon shards than Legendary, Epic, or Rare shards.
I wasn’t able to figure out the odds of pulling each Uncommon shard but looking at the fundamental data, you will see that you have to get almost every Legendary Shard two times just to have the chance of getting every uncommon Shard. So I would say Uncommon Shard are about twice as difficult to pull than Legendary cards if not more. 
If you have a background in mathematics and can figure out the odds, please post in the comment section!

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