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Crystal Shard Vs. Optichrome

by Adam Smith of G2G Investments / December 25, 2020
TLDR Spoiler: Crystal Shards are comparable to Skyridge Box Toppers, and their exclusivity adds more value to the sealed box, long-term. 
Most of that value is credited to the packs inside that may contain the desired card, not necessarily the desired Box Topper. The most important question is not which variant you collect or believe in, it is how you are acquiring your cards? We are all first to market, but there is a difference between a Collector and an Investor in these Markets. Your behaviors and strategy are going to make you the most money in the future, regardless of which card variant you focus on.
Here is the Pokemon equivalent to the Black Knight Crystal Shard Box Topper Target Exclusive… 
The Skyridge Crystal Charizard Box Topper is held in high regard, and has earned it’s place in the Pokemon Community. It can only be found in Skyridge Boxes, making the Sealed Box an even greater value. In today’s Market, you don’t open these boxes. Doing so would result in a financial loss, and that loss is normally distributed along a lot of buyers in “Box Breaks” where the packs are sold at a premium. The Box does not Guarantee a Crystal Card (Optichrome Equivalent), although you are guaranteed Holo Cards. The Box does Guarantee 1 Box Topper, and only the people who were first to market could collect these Box Topper Sets. Today they sell for an Amazing Return, but the product is not opened for the Box Topper. 
The individual card, Cracked Ice or Optichrome, will always determine it’s own value. But in terms of how to understand which variant will demand the highest premiums, look at the fundamentals of Collectable Markets. 
  • If you want to place your bets on Cracked Ice, stop opening the boxes and collect the sealed product: Your $20+ investment is better spent holding the sealed product.
  • If you are a future buyer, are you going to pay $3000 for the Box Topper card you want? Go for it.
  • If you are a future buyer, are you going to pay $13,000 for the harder pull from the set? Go for it.
  • If you are a future buyer, are you going to pay $50,000 for the box? Go for it.
True Crystal Shard “Investors” should be investing in sealed product, and buying up “collections”. Not opening sealed product to complete collections. 
Optichrome is a different approach. Buy up the individual Optichromes and hold. Build your Optichrome Position before you Invest into sealed product. Open Mega Boxes at an expected loss, for a shot at your Optichrome and you get another roll of the dice with a Crystal Shard Box Topper that can keep the cycle going for the short term.
Last thought: The TRUE “Crystal Shard Exclusive” title is already taken. You can’t give that title to a Target Exclusive Box Topper Insert. That title belongs to the Promo 9 Pre-Order Exclusive Crystal Shard Epics P1-P9. You cannot share that with a Target Exclusive, regardless of the print run. Toys R’ Us had Exclusive Pokemon Cards that were stamped and promoted, and are still a niche within the Pokemon Market. And I am in no way comparing Crystal Shard Cards to this. 
I am making light of this topic, because at the end of the day you should be holding the product, and spending your Cash Reserves on building your position on very specific cards.
The people who are Invested Heavily into Optichrome and Crystal Shards, built their positions buying from other Optichrome and Crystal Shard “Collectors” who open product and dump their positions bc they do not see the cycle they are in. Both variants have value when you are First to Market, but you should be opening up product for fun, with a little chase. And buying what you want to invest in.  
  • If you have not invested more than $100 on a card of the Variant you believe in, then ask yourself are you a Collector or Investor? 
  • If you have spent more money opening product, than investing in product, ask yourself if you are more of a Collector, or Investor? 
We can all win at being First to Market. But this debate is very divisive and should be put to rest. Focus your investment, or diversify your investment. But stop gambling into your position/collection by opening all the product to complete your goals.
So Crystal Shard vs. Optichrome? 
The obvious  answer has always been…
“Yes, as long as you are First to Market”
“Series 1”!!! 
With that said, I have been opening Series 1 Product like crazy, so Happy Hunting!!
G2G Investments
G2G Investments stands for “Greed 2 Generosity”. Where It’s not about how much you Invest, it’s about how much you keep!

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