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Getting Started Collecting Fortnite

Fortnite has grown from a hilarious and addicting video game into an international IP across multiple industries. The initial popularity has launched Fortnite to the front of the Meta-verse war. At Highground we are huge fans of Fortnite but are also huge fans of collectibles. Whether you grew up collecting cards, comics, or toys, Fortnite has their hands in everything. As a 90s kid the current Fortnite collectible market feels like Pokemon in its infancy. People play the game and buy the comics but few people are collectible them and giving them the respect the IP deserves. We see this as huge opportunity to build a collection that also has the potential to grow as an investment. 

Collecting Fortnite Cards

LEt's breakdown the sets and categories

Trading CArds (Panini America)

Fortnite cards are made by Panini America which has been the Manufacturer of the popular NBA and NFL Trading cards for the last decade. Fortnite cards have much tougher pull rates than other collectible cards like Pokemon. This makes the population of sought after cards much more rare.

  • Megas are the most sought after not Hobby Boxes (at time of writing 2022). Each contains 2 Cracked Ice/Crystal Shard cards per mega.
  • Panini Fortnite Cards were printed in USA, Italy, and Brazil. Brazil only printed series 1 and not any other sets. 
  • USA are much more sought after than the international versions of the cards. You can identify USA sealed product if the plastic wrap has the Panini logo pattern printed on it, the other countries don’t.
  • Italy Cards were suspected of having a second printing of Megas in Europe (Not Confirmed). The second printed Megas are rumored to have the messy wrap and the first print Italy Megas had the smooth plastic wrap.
  • Cracked Ice or Crystal Shards are the biggest chase cards (at time of writing 2022).
  • Series 1 holos and legendary base were extremely more rare than in the future sets. 
  • Each Series (except Reloaded) had a Promo Set sold exclusively through the Panini Website. These were 9-10 cracked ice cards that were not available to be pulled and exclusive to the promo set. This means there were also no base versions of these cards.
  • Reloaded was a set only released in Europe. It was different than any of the Series sets in the way it was put together. These cards have very harsh quality so grading is very difficult making some cards like Renegade Raider interesting chase cards in a high grade.
Comics (DC & MArvel)

The Fortnite Comics were first released as crossover where Marvel comics had Fortnite characters added to various covers of different unrelated books. Some of those books had references to the Fortnite Island on the last page.  Full Fortnite stories were released later where each comic series came with in-game codes that unlocked related skins. Donald Mustard the creator drew several covers throughout each series.

Major Comics 

  •  The Nexus War (Found inside of the Fantastic Four #24)
  • ZeroPoint #1 
  • ZeroPoint #4
  • The Foundation
  • Zero War #1
  • Zero War #5

Rare Covers

  •  Foundation (Donald Mustard Variant 1:25)
  •  Foundation (Sketch Cover Unreleased Creator Copies| Print Run unknown but suspected to be less than 100)
  • Zeropoint #1 (Monofoil Variant)
  • Zeropoint #6 (Sketch Variant 1:150)

Check out all of the Comics here: Fortnite Comics