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OVERSHIELD - PSA Slab Protectors

Protect Slabs from Scratches

Never put your slabs in bags again!

Designed to fit PSA Slabs like a glove.  

Each pack contains 3 overshields plus a cleaning kit. Overshields are easy to remove and invisible to the eye. 

Remove Scratches from PSA slabs

Easy Installation

Step By Step Installation


Maximum Clarity

Let your cards truly shine with 99% transparency of our protectors.

Scratch Protection

Don’t be afraid to stack and handle your slabs. Show off your cards with confidence.

UV Protection

Direct sunlight is never suggested for collectibles but Overshield does protect cards from indirect sunlight.

Easily Apply & Remove

Easily apply Overshield without leaving any sticky residue. This makes replacing old protectors a breeze. 

Scratch Demonstration

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