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Hobby Essentials

Sleeve Your CArds

Penny sleeves are a must for any card that you want to protect. They keep the surface free of scratches and dirt while still letting the card shine. We also recommend putting your cards inside penny sleeves before inserting into a binder.

Protect Your Cards

Top Loaders are the basic protection for any of your favorite cards and parallels. It is important to keep your rarer cards protected so that the surface and corners stay in top condition.

Grade Your CArds

When submitting your cards to graders such as PSA, SGC, BGS and others it is important/required to send them in Card Savers. We recommend Card Saver I as they are easier to insert and remove the cards. Please remember to have you cards in penny sleeves before inserting! 

Store Your Cards

Keeping your collection safely stored and organized brings a feeling of accomplishment.