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Everything You Need to Know
To Start Collecting Fortnite Cards

Card Sets and Release Dates

Released 2019

Released 2020 (Exclusive to Europe)

Released 2020

Released 2021

Types of Boxes/Packs

  • Mega Box (Two Exclusive Cracked Ice/Crystal Shard Cards per box)
  • Blaster Box (Extra Epic card in S1 & S2) (S3 contains 1 Exclusive Laser holo per box)
  • Hobby Box (Nothing exclusive in hobby boxes, more Legendary base and more holo pulls on average)
  • Fat Packs (No Exclusives but best pull rates for holos and optichrome cards)
  • Retail Packs ( No Exclusives but can pull holos and optichrome cards)

Rare Cards/Parallel Types

Ordered by most sought after by collectors

  • Crystal Shard (S1)
  • Cracked Ice (S2 &S3)
  • Hard Lemonade (Non USA cracked Ice cards)
Fortnite Calamity
  • Laser Holo (S3 only/Blaster Exclusive)
  • There is a Series 3 Italy Promo Set of Lasers that never released in the USA
Panini Fortnite Midas
  • Optichrome (S2& S3)

The Optichromes of S2 have a similar pull rate to the holos of S1. Very tough pull rates for S2 optichrome and S1 holofoils. S3 optichrome and holos had easier pull rates. Series 1 Holos would be above optichrome most of the time.

Fortnite Optichrome
  • Holo/ Holofoil 

Series 1 Holos are extremely difficult pulls. As far as we know each skin rarity has the same holo, optichrome and shard pull rates. 

Hobby Knowledge

  • The card rarity does not NECESSARILY refer to the scarcity of the skin/card. As far as we have seen the BASE card print run IS based on the skins rarity: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The Parallels DON’T follow the same rules. There has been no evidence showing that skin/card rarity designation applies to the print run of parallels like holos, shards, and etc.  Uncommon, Rare, and Epic Parallels could be more valuable and just as scarce as Legendary Parallels. The character matters more than the rarity labeling. 
  • Each Series besides Reloaded has included a “Promo Set” of 10 Crystal Shard/Cracked Ice cards. These cards appear to have a larger print run than the other Crystal Shards in released in their respective sets. There are no Base, Holo, or Optichrome versions of the skins released in the Promo Sets. 
  • There are three different “prints” of fortnite cards. The prints are designated by the country they were printed in. For S1 there are USA, Italy, & Brazil cards. For S2 & S3 there are USA and Italy printed cards. Reloaded was only produced in Italy but the back of the card doesn’t mention where they were printed just that the IP belongs to Epic Games a USA company. As of this writing USA cards are more sought after and possibly have lower print runs.
  • Prototypes of S1 have been found in both USA versions and Italy versions. These prototypes are mostly base cards but some of the prototypes are cards that were never released such as Renegade Raider. Very few of these have been found and are known to exist. Please check out the Fringe Collectibles Page for more information.