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Fortnite Factions & alliances

What are factions inside of the Fortnite Lore?

The Fortnite story is very unique in the fact that every character we meet is experiencing the changes on the island through their own eyes. You could argue both that everyone is a main character or no one is. The zero point directly effects the Fortnite Island and all of the other realites that exist. So what does this have to do with Fortnite Factions and what are they?

The factions and alliances within the Fortnite Lore are groups of people that are banded together by a common goal. These factions can be seen as good or evil depending on who you agree with. Since there are so many characters in the Fortnite Universe many of the factions have not been fully explained within the story. We are still unsure of all the characters’ associates with each group but many have been identified. 


Faction Name

Known Members

The Seven

Foundation, Scientist, Paradigm, Imagined, Order, Origin, Visitor, (Jonesy potentially)

The Imagined Order

Led by Geno. Sloane, Gunner, Zadie, Jonesy (Originally) 

The Resistance

Made up of The Seven and other Loopers to fight the I.O on the island.

The Last Reality

The Cube Queen, Isabella


Led by Chaos Agent.


Led by Midas.

Fox Clan

Vi, Drfit, Catalyst

The Ice Kingdom

Ice King, Ice Queen

The Fire Kingdom

Ruin, The Prisoner



The Government