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Fortnite Parallels


The Holofoils are the most obvious cards to identify. They have a rainbow shine coated on the front of the card. Holofoils are printed on the same card weight as base cards in Series 1, Reloaded, and Series 2.

Holofoil Examples


The new Optichrome cards are the hardest to identify for new collectors. These cards have a holographic foil over top a metallic like card. The card weight is heavy and the foil highlights the outlines of the characters. The best way to identify an Optichrome card is to look at the Panini, Epic, and Fortnite logos. You will see they have a border around the type created by the embossing effect. 

Crystal Shard (Cracked Ice)

One of the most sought after cards are the Crystal Shard parallels. The name explains the design very clearly. Holofoil shards are printed in a pattern across the card. We do want to note that there is a slight variation between U.S.A, Italy, and Brazil printed Crystal Shard parallels. The U.S.A cards have a seamless background where as the other two have smaller shards and the pattern is visibly tiled.

Move'n Parallels

In the Panini Fortnite Reloaded set, there are two additional types of parallels. Here is the Move’n parallels which creates an animated effect when the card is looked at in different directions. There are versions where the characters either dance or change they styles.

Moving Cards

Glow'n Parallels

The second parallel from Panini Fortnite Reloaded is the glow in the dark cards. Panini took some of the spooky chracters and applied glow in the dark ink that makes the characters actually glow in the dark. You can identify these parallels by the texture and the triangle like lines in the background of the cards.