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Top 25 Panini Fortnite Trading Cards

by Dylan Clifton / September 19, 2021

This list of Panini Fortnite cards are the most sought after cards.

  1. Black Knight
  2. Aura
  3. Ghoul Trooper
  4. Midas
  5. Peely
  6. Fish Stick
  7. Skull Trooper
  8. Focus
  9. Nog Ops
  10. Dark Bomber

See Full Top 50 Cards here:

Recently there was a list of the top fortnite cards posted in the Becket Non-Sports Almanac. I think they got a lot wrong in that list and wanted to provide my opinion for new and old collectors to consider when picking which cards to chase. 

Here are the things that went into account when scoring these cards:

  • Popularity (In Game)
  • OG ( Old and Famous/Infamous)
  • Visual appeal
  • Used in Epic marketing
  • Connection to the story line (Lore)
  • Popularity in memes/social media
  • Cult followings
  • Difficulty to pull (find in packs)

5 thoughts on “The Top 25 Panini Fortnite Trading Cards”

  1. It’d be cool to see some details regarding why listed cards the way you did. Idk if that means scoring the skins in all the categories you listed, which would be a tall order I’m sure. Just curious to get your perspective. 😉

    Keep it up!

    1. It was very hard to come up with a top 25 list and there are a few I wanted to add that just barely didn’t make the list. The interesting thing about Fortnite cards is that skins popularity goes up and then down as the game grows and as more skins are released. I think the top 25 list will continue to change drastically over time just like rookie sports cards do. I also think that unlike pokemon where there are only a few major Pokemon that people love, Fortnite has countless skins that connect with different players. People like different skins for different reasons which means that the grail card could not be on this list. Some people use only one skin all the time and that would be their chase card. Fortnite cards is truly one of those hobbies where collecting what you like is the most important!

      I was thinking about giving a rating in each area but didn’t want to complicate the post to much. I used the different areas to help guide me as I looked at each skin. Maybe on my next list I will implement a more measured listing!

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