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Panini Fortnite Series 3 Release

by Dylan Clifton / March 26, 2021

Panini seems to love keeping us in the dark about upcoming Fortnite Card Releases. I have heard some rumors across the web and want to share my theories of what we can expect for 2021 Fortnite Releases.

A Little History

When Panini first released Fortnite cards, they released the set called “Series 1” in North America (Printed in USA), South America (Printed in Brazil), and Europe (Printed in Italy). These releases were in early 2019 around March/April. There was a long wait as Panini let the product sit on shelves to test a new potential market. 

As well all know, the year 2020 brought a global Pandemic that set many businesses (including Panini) back in production. With Fortnite cards being a new market for them it most likely was put on the back burner but not forgotten. We did not get a March Release but instead got a new series released Solely in Europe. This was in August of 2020, which is almost a 6 month set back.

This new release was very confusing to everyone in the hobby. We all started calling it “Fortnite Series 2 Reloaded”. We soon discovered that Panini then released an actual set called “Fortnite Series 2” in North America that was completely different than Reloaded. 

Upcoming Series

After reviewing what has happened in the hobby, I have developed a theory that will soon be debunked or proven within the next few months. It is my belief that Panini has decided to separate the European and North American Products completely. 

Why would they do this?

  • Both print facilities have different printing methods and machines which creates noticeable differences between the print locations.
  • The two markets collect and buy trading cards differently
  • Less confusion and complaints and concerns from customers


I believe Panini will continue their strategy by releasing a new Fortnite series in both North America and Europe in 2021. I would expect a European release around August again and an American release in late October to early November. I only see this as a positive! Although it may be hard to acquire sets from another country, we still have the opportunity to see 2 releases per year!

I don’t have any concrete information nor have I spoken to anyone from Panini. These are just theories based on clues from past releases. If you have anything to add or want to disagree, please let me know in the comment section below!

3 thoughts on “Panini Fortnite Series 3 Release”

  1. Hi
    We will probably get Series 2 in Germany in the middle of April.

    Maybe afterwards to start series 3? in other words, as an advertisement for Europe.

    From February to March we have a resale of the Series 1 in Germany

    April series 2 should come in Germany

    and September series 3 ;-)?

    everything sounds like a marketing strategy to me 😉

    Alos I still believe in Series 3 this year .-)

    1. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I think it is interesting that they noticed the demand in Germany and may focus their European releases there going forward. The fact that they are naming this Series 2 but with different packing is very strange!

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. I feel series 3 should come out around the end of the year or early next year 2022. these cards are amazing such great eye appeal from the cracked ice.
    I want to see them expand and through some john wicks or travis scott cards in there. I feel the fortnite card movement can thrive if the cards keep coming out and get more exposure to the card collecting community. I’m rooting for a series 3. It is however hard to expose the cards when the cards are really hard to acquire and such a small print run, hense the value is up there. Also the number of characters and variants to collect makes it that much more harder especially since cracked ice only come from mega boxes. So the collector aspect of it, there isn’t very much of us out there compared to other tcgs but those of us who are the true fortnite card collectors have been paying big prices to acquire certain cards. its amazing the prices these cards fetch knowing these sets have only been around for like 2 years. I know charizard was not fetching the numbers we are seeing after 2 years haha.

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