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Fortnite on Netfliz, HBO, and Disney Plus

by Dylan Clifton / August 4, 2021
With Fortnite’s lore moving into the world of comics it is only a matter of time before shows starting materializing on the biggest platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus, or even HBO Max. There are a lot of possibilities for the show but even more questions.
  • Who will the show be marketed to?
  • Will it be animated or live action?
  • Is it going to feature Jonesey, the island, or follow the lore seen each season?
I would venture to guess that Fortnite will follow a similar route as Marvel and do spin offs of individual skins. Characters like Renegade Raider and Fishsticks could get their very own series showing how they came to the island and how they try to escape. If Fortnite and their steaming partners take this approach there will be endless possibilities. 
Here is one example where Fortnite played with Live Action when bringing Drift into the game:
Netflix Example
You are probably wondering what this has to do with Fortnite cards. If you collect comics you know that certain comics spike in price when shows and movies come out based on specific stories and characters. The same will happen to cards. Fans of the show will become fans of specific characters from Fortnite even if they never played the game or used that skin. 
Keep close attention to what shows come out and who is featured in them to see which characters will have the biggest bump as an investment. Want to be even further ahead of the curve? Look out for more comic spin offs. One of the writers for the Batman Zero Point comics mention wanting to write the stories of some of these characters. Keep an eye on the comic market to see what the future holds!

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