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Fortnite Card Collecting Strategy

by Dylan Clifton / September, 21 2021
As a huge fan and fortnite player I assumed that most Fortnite collectors would also be players of the game. This is actually far from the case! A large percentage of the collectors don’t actually play Fortnite but love the cards and the collectability of the brand. 
This made me realize that so many of these collectors are wandering blindly buying cards randomly based off of how they look. Now this gives people who are avid players and advantage and even though I fit in that category, I want to level the playing feeling even if just a little. 
To level the playing field I am sharing my personal strategy for collecting Fortnite Cards. 
Rookie/First Appearance Cards
Just like in sports cards, I am grabbing as many copies of popular and impactful first appearance cards. This would mean the first card release of Black Knight, Skull Trooper, and etc. This includes the Reloaded Cards. I am saving the cards that were first released in Reloaded before Series 2 came out. There is a lot of potential there that people aren’t taking advantage of. 
Storyline Skins and Events
Just because you don’t play Fortnite doesn’t mean you can’t understand the storyline. Search youtube and read the comics. All of the Fortnite trailers and events are on youtube and they are extremely important. Main characters in the Fortnite storyline are developing their own unique backstories that will play out later in the game or in future shows and movies. Stack up on main characters like Jonesey and other reoccurring characters.
Sweat Skins and Popular Skins
Really good players in the game are called sweats and a lot of them use some of the same skins. Many times seeing a specific skin strikes fear in less experienced players and those players will actually know the name of the skin that is about to eliminate them.  If you are in squad and you hear your team in trouble they may say something like “I need help! It is an Aura sweat” or “s##! it is a Black Knight”. 
Marketing and Meme Skins
There several skins that are just hilarious and are used for marketing purposes by epic. Streamers and content creators create funny memes with these skins that often go viral. Some of them are the most memorable just because of how ridiculous they look.  Some of these skins would be Peely and Fishstick among others. 
Mistakes to avoid
Not all Legendary or level 100 skins are widely popular. Take for instance the Ice King in Series 2. He is never ever used in the game and the Ice Queen is used even less. Why?  Once the hype of the series releases dies down and there are series series out there, collectors are going to be searching for their favorite skins and skins not used in the game will NOT be searched for. You need to do research and think long term. If a skin is not popular in the games, memes, shows, and marketing then it has a lot of risk packed into it. 
Another mistake that I have started notice is that some skins are extremely popular for a season or two but then it drops off and forgotten. Sticking to skins that get released seasonally or are infamous and “OG” will help you to avoid this mistake. Seasonal skins help to bring the popularity back because they are get new hype every year. I expect the cards to spike during those times in the future.
Level 100 battle pass skins are not always a sure fire hit. Unless it meets the other requirements those skins will be easily forgotten. We are in season 18 and there are only a few level 100 skins widely used. Some may be huge cards but many of these will fall short. 
Other factors
There are a lot of other product factors at play:
  • USA/ITALY/BRAZIL print numbers
  • Different pull rates of Italy S2 Boxes
  • Holos vs Optichrome
  • Italy Shard vs USA shards
  • Are promo sets more or less rare and etc
If you have any article ideas that would help you with your collecting please let me know in the comment section below! Also remember to subscribe to our email list. We rarely email you unless it is something major or very beneficial! 

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  1. Your website has been very useful since I just started collecting fortnite cards. The first thing I realized when researching the market is that the reloaded set is wayyyyyy undervalued. Nice to know that someone else agrees with me. And the card quality was horrible so it’s hard to get cards in mint condition.

    Do you have an IG account? Let us know!

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