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Fortnite S1 packs for $2.50

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 NOIUSA has S1 loose packs at 200 for $470 plus 6 fat packs. I'm shocked that s1 packs are still available at this price and this seems like a perfect buy and store opportunity if you have some leftover card money funds. Do we think there is a lot more s1 value packs available or is this possible the last run? I believe some people were saying NOI is a distributor for CVS and they just never got the product on the shelves? Curious for.this groups thoughts.

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I haven't heard anything about where they are coming from. I can only imagine the giant pallets of loose packs in their warehouse lol

The first time NOI was in stock with S1 packs there was eventually a major buyout for their remaining stock. This is back when their price was $1.8/pack instead of the current $2.4/pack.

They were seemingly out of stock until they relisted in 2022 (Sept I think) and now have been sitting. I too was surprised they didn't fly once word got around, but no one was even mentioning it in the FB group.

I agree it's a great time to buy, I bought 600 packs about 2 months ago from them (the extra fatpacks are nice value, people still managing to sell those on eBay for $20/ea. Will probably buy more from NOI or find some decently priced mega boxes as my next move.